Why Argsen ?

Scale. Agility. Bespoke Solutions.

Whether you require ICT consultancy, data analysis, ICT solution or system/application development, we have domain experts to turn your vision into a reality.

With our experiences in various projects collaborating closely with diverse clients, we are sure we can provide the best digital solutions to meet your needs. Working closely together, we’ll make sure we are on the same page from the start so you get the features you need in the best product, rather than the best sales pitch.

At Argsen you won’t just get the product. You’ll find a partner that understands your business process and its needs, and collaborates with you to find the best approach. That’s why Argsen clients often return for repeated engagements.

Recent Projects

Delta Electricity

Linking Unstructured Data and Structured Data Among the asset management life cycle, any incidents must be carefully dealt within organisations. Engineers are required to investigate the issues and document all …

AGL's MacGen power plant at Macquarie

AGL Macquarie (MacGen)

Towards an integrated solution to manage data and information across disparate data sources – As a part of the information gateway initiative, the linkage between structured data and unstructured data …

Student Application Automated Processing

Case of Application of Machine Learning Argsen delivered a machine learning-based student university entry application automated processing service. This cloud-based service has reduced nearly 95% human effort in assessing individual …

OnTask logo

OnTask Project

The OnTask Project aims to improve the academic experience of students through the delivery of timely, personalised and actionable student feedback throughout their participation in a course. The two-year project started in …